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Superior vent system - 7 vent holes.Accept safety fuse with any 18650 battery: button top, flat top, protected, unprotected. Button locking mechanism.
Self-adjusting floating pin compatible to any atomizer, with this mod you will forget about gap between atomizer and connector.
Good performance
Great performance, no voltage drops. Working awesome without Noalox
Quality workmanship
Manufactured on CNC (computer numerical control), made only from high quality stainless steel and brass. Product is performed in limited edition at a defense factory in Israel
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Reviews of our clients
The Invictus is an awesome little mod! It's light but well built! This thing is NICE and so is the PRICE! lol I have seen mods for a lot more have less quality then what your getting here for $143.
This is the first mechanical mod with lower button that I realy liked. Excellent vape even without kick. Threads are ​​perfect, and this mod have very compact size.
Veniamin Kulibaha
Invictus Aurelius is one of most successful mods on 18650 battery! It has all the features like floating pin, telescopic cup, button locking ring,perfect vent system, that I need in mechanical mod.
The Invictus-Aurelius Mechanical Mod looks very interesting, and also the Invictus Gladiator Mechanical Mod looks very interesting too.
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